Welcome to Unil’AHME

You are interested by history or archaeology? You always dreamed to fight and manipulate weapons like the warriors of the past? Then the association Unil’AMHE (read /ynilam/) is meant for you! We welcome students from Unil, EPFL or simply anyone interested in throwing it out with a longsword!


Unil’AMHE is the first association entirely dedicated to HEMA approach in the canton of Vaud.

Unil’AMHE is an association for research, weekly practice, and development of Historical European Martial Arts at Lausanne University. A unique opportunity to discover weapons and research in an academic and sportive context! It’s also a good way to participate as a group in various international events, for instance in Dijon, Athens, Barcelona, Vienna, Firenze, and even Neuchâtel.

So if you want to try wrestling, 15th century longsword judicial duel or 19th cetury gentlemen’s stick, we invite you to join us on our trainings. Thank you for contacting us to manifest your presence and get additional information.