Weekly practice

Unil’AMHE meets every week near the University of Lausanne, in a sport hall or outside, to interpret and experiment combat systems, with or without weapons, within the context of Historical European Martial Arts.

Stick and shortsword trainings

Tuesdays from 20h30 to 22h00.

Maison de Quartier du Désert
Chemin de Pierrefleur 72
1’004 Lausanne

Public transformation

Bus from Lausanne-Flon : Take the bus 87 or 88 towards Blécherette and leave at the stop Désert.

Bus from Renens : Take the bus 33 towards Prilly Mont-Goulin and leave at the stop Coudraie.

Longsword trainings

Wednesdays from 20h00 to 22h00.

Centre sportif des Bergières
Avenue des Bergières 44
1004 Lausanne

Public transportation

Bus from Lausanne-Gare : Take the bus 21 towards Blécherette and leave at the stop Bergières.